Mission statement of our school - Heidelberger Privatschulcentrum

Mission statement HPC

Professionalism - We give learning a home

Heidelberg Private School Center offers holistic education from the first until the last school year. At the center of our efforts is the learner with his or her unique potentials and needs. We want to enable young people to participate in the globalized world they live in with their intellectual, physical and emotional resources.

Our students are highly motivated to learn. They take responsibility for their own learning process, communicate confidently and collaborate effectively. They are risk-takers when developing new ideas and respect different positions.

Our experienced and motivated teaching staff supports learners in their development by creating an open learning atmosphere. We encourage inquiry learning by including open learning arrangements into everyday lessons and by making assessment transparent. Teachers support students in becoming life-long learners.

Our bilingual primary school, the partly bilingual middle school and our vocational schools offer a straightforward international pathway to college or university. Since January 2016, we are a recognized candidate school for the introduction of the International Baccalaureate. With the introduction of the IB DP programme in 2017 we offer a further way to university studies for our international-minded students.

Diversity - We pay equal respect to everybody

Our student body is highly international with students coming from different cultural background.

At our school, each student is respected with his or her individual talents and needs and is an active member of the school community. We respect different opinions, cultures and traditions and show empathy and compassion. Lived diversity enriches our everyday school life.

Internationality - We are global citizens

We prepare our students for the complex challenges of living in a globalised world. We encourage them to approach these challenges in their own creative and competent ways. In foreign language classes, bilingual subjects, the IB-programme and any other learning context in everyday school life we support our students in developing intercultural competence.

We specifically seek extracurricular learning opportunities: Our school takes part in student conferences of the worldwide simulation game Model United Nations and in the European translation competition Juvenes Translatores. Our project seminar „Global Learning“ widens learners’ perspective to bring to mind the global consequences of their own actions. Our successful annual German-Chinese summer school has become a place of vivid intercultural exchange.