Learner profile

The aim of implementing the International Baccalaureate is to follow the IB philosophy in educating young people who make our world a more peaceful place and developing the IB Learner profile.

Inquirer Students become inquirers who are able to ask meaningful questions and learn to do effective research work using all kinds of media and different scientific methods. They use the school library, science labs and out-of-school facilities for learning.
Knowledgeable A broad range of subjects at standard or higher level combined with core subjects (Extended essay, Theory of knowledge and Creativity-Activity-Service) give the students the best possible preparation for university and for becoming lifelong learners.
Thinker Students are not limited to acquiring knowledge in different subjects but are encouraged to develop a holistic approach, link their knowledge between subjects and transfer acquired knowledge into new fields.
Communicator Students learn to become successful communicators being able to express their ideas both in written and oral form, to understand different forms of texts, they listen to others and respond in an appropriate way.
Principled Our students stand up for what they have learned is fair in our world. They strictly follow our academic honesty policy.
Open-minded Being open-minded our students appreciate diversity at our school and take advantage of learning together despite coming from different cultural backgrounds, having different opinions and attitudes, being different in talents and ability.
Caring Our students care about what is going on in our world. They see needs within the school community and beyond and try to take meaningful action.
Risk-Taker Being a risk-taker means to try out new ideas and activities. We encourage our students to leave their comfort zone as often as possible making our school and each classroom a safe place for doing that.
Balanced Students practise a healthy lifestyle. The IB Diploma programme is a challenging one. To create a balance by paying attention to physical activity and creativity is at the heart of our work.
Reflective IB Diploma students learn to clearly see their strengths and weaknesses, to reflect on success and mistakes and to develop strategies to further develop their personalities.