The IB DP consists of 3 core components giving the best possible preparation for university studies and for being a life-long learner.


Extended essay (EE)
Writing the extended essay in one of the chosen subjects students are introduced into research work and academic writing.

Theory of knowledge (TOK)
In TOK lessons and across all subjects students learn to ask and answer questions about knowledge and learning. They do not only acquire knowledge but become critical thinkers asking: how do we know this?

CAS consists of 3 elements:
Creativity -> Creative thinking, finding new solutions, arts
Activity -> Sports, all kinds of physical activities, healthy lifestyle
Service -> unpaid and voluntary work which is rather work with others than work for others

All three elements can be closely linked and be covered in a project, e.g. students develop a dancing performance which they rehearse with a Primary school class and perform for elderly people in the neighbourhood. Designing their individual CAS programmes students follow their own interests and meet new challenges.