Admission policy

This policy outlines our admission criteria to the IB Diploma Programme. According to our mission statement, we respect each student with his or her individual talents and needs. We respect different opinions, cultures and traditions and show empathy and compassion. Lived diversity enriches our everyday school life. This is why we are aiming for equal access while ensuring that candidates have the necessary qualifications to successfully complete the Diploma Programme.

General requirements

The IB Diploma Programme is available to all students from IB MYP world schools and other students having successfully completed other types of middle school education, provided that candidates fulfil the following requirements:

  • They provide certified proof that they have successfully completed middle school with at least ten years of education.
  • They provide a letter of motivation in their application to the programme proving their commitment to the IB philosophy.
  • They pay the required fees according to the school contract.

Language requirements

According to our language policy, the following language requirements have to be met to join year 1 of the DP:

Applicants are expected to have a high proficiency in English. To access our curriculum, students are expected to have reached the C1 level of the Common European Framework for the English language as outlined in Appendix 1 of our language policy. To indicate their proficiency in English, they are required to complete the TOEFL test with a score of 95 and higher or equivalent language tests at the level C1. If this level is not reached, the school reserves the right to refuse admission since the student’s success in the programme may be compromised. If the student cannot be accepted to the IB Diploma Programme because of insufficient language proficiency, the school can provide an intensive language training programme prior to the start of year 1 (in cooperation with Academy of Languages).

German language knowledge is not required prior to the Diploma programme, but we expect students not speaking German to take German ab initio as a part of their course subjects.

Personal requirements

As a precondition to success in the Diploma Programme, we expect students to be interested in global issues. To prove their general knowledge of political, cultural and social topics, each candidate will be personally interviewed by the DP coordinator via Skype or telephone.

Any decisions regarding the participation in the IB DP must be approved by student’s parents this includes the signing of the student’s course request form.

Students who have started the Diploma Programme at other IB schools are accepted to our school on condition that the subjects they studied in their previous school are currently offered.


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