About our school

Heidelberg Private School Centre

The Heidelberg School Centre (Heidelberger Privatschulcentrum – HPC) is part of the F+U Group (F+U Unternehmensgruppe). Founded in 1980, the F+U Group is one of Germany’s largest private education providers. F+U offers general educational and vocational schools, alongside professional training, further education courses and higher education programmes, and operates internationally in more than 20 locations.

The Heidelberg Private School Centre offers the opportunity to gain a range of school qualifications. The branches of the school build upon each other, and progress from primary school right through to the Abitur.

At our school you will meet learners from different branches:

  • Primary school (Grundschule) with bilingual lessons  in English, aged 6 to 10
  • Secondary school (Realschule), aged 10 to 16
  • Vocational schools (Berufskollegs), aged 16+
  • Vocational secondary school (Berufliches Gymnasium), aged 16+. Those learners will be closest to you in level and age. They prepare for entry to university, studying almost the same subjects as you do but being taught in German and studying English as a foreign language.
  • Bilingual secondary school (Gymnasium) with lessons partly in English starting with class 5 in 2017, aged 10

With the support of the F+U Academy of Languages, we also offer our pupils the opportunity to improve their language skills and train their social competence by taking part in language trips and internships in Germany and abroad.

Read more http://www.hpc-schulen.de/Heidelberg-Private-School-Centre and http://www.fuu.de/

Our city – Heidelberg

“Heidelberg is home to around 150,000 people. The locals appreciate its world-renowned beauty and idyllic setting on the river Neckar at the heart of the 'Rhine-Neckar Triangle', but what they value most is the quality of life that the city offers. This cosmopolitan, friendly, people-oriented and vibrant university city is made up of 15 distinct neighborhoods and is particularly attractive to families, students, those in the creative industries, business people, and academics and researchers. And people genuinely feel at home here: in recent surveys, no fewer than 98 percent of all Heidelbergers said they loved living in the city.” (taken from http://www.heidelberg.de/english,Len/Home/Life.html 13.2.2017)

Learn more about our city: http://www.heidelberg.de/english,Len/Home/Life.html